💙🤍💙 Dettendorf Apprentice Day 2023 💙🤍💙

We welcomed around 40 students and teachers from the Kiefersfelden secondary school and the Brannenburg secondary school to our Trainee Day this year.

The students were first given an insight into our corporate structure and the various training opportunities. 😊
Trainees from the following areas: freight forwarding & logistics services, office management, warehouse logistics, automotive mechatronics and IT gave a brief insight into their daily work and informed the students about their training. Following the presentation, our guests were able to fortify themselves with a rich snack.

During a tour through the office building, we got to know the individual workplaces better and got an overview of the different work areas of a freight forwarding company.
Afterwards, a truck 🚛 was explored more closely from the inside and a tour of our workshop ⚙️ was made.

Als kleines Highlight ✨ durfte zum Abschluss jeder Teilnehmer einen Heliumballon 🎈 steigen lassen, an dem eine Karte mit seinem Namen befestigt war. The first three names reported back by the finder will receive a voucher worth 50 euros.

We would like to thank all visitors for their interest and our trainees and colleagues who helped on this day. 👍😉

We are already looking forward to next year’s Trainee Day. 💙🤍