Primary and secondary school in Kiefersfelden transacted IHK educational partnership with Dettendorfer Spedition. The Kiefersfelden school and Johann Dettendorfer Spedition Ferntrans GmbH & Co. KG will cooperate in future – preparing young people for professional and working life. Together they wanna make students aware of training opportunities in the region with company tours, internships and job application training to get them excited about dual education system.

We are really looking forward to working together!

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(from left to right): Thomas Stelzer (head teacher), Thomas Rinnhofer (Dettendorfer operational management), Samantha Pöschl (Dettendorfer training officer), Monika Remlinger (youth social work at the Kiefersfelden primary and secondary school), Isolde Raabe (head teacher), Monika Becher (open all-day school at the Kiefersfelden primary and secondary school) and Thomas Gebert (education advisor at the Rosenheim IHK office) (Copyright: IHK)